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How We Work For You

Thank you for your trust and confidence in us to help you sell your home. Effectively marketing your home is a collaborative effort. This guide will familiarize you with the way Michaela & Yvonne work for you!

Photos: Our professional photographers take your photos as weather permits for best results. Turn around time to us is 24 to 48 hours. We plan your listing date around these photos, as we don’t want your listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) without photos. On occasion there may be a need to reshoot a few photos after the listing is on MLS to insure best quality. We will continue to update photos as needed.

Internet Syndication: The upload to the internet sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Homes & Land, REALTOR®.com and others is not as immediate as it is to our local MLS site. Please allow a few days for the upload to these internet sites as they are syndicated through our Front Runner program. There is a limitation of copy space to us in MLS, which is why we attach additional documents with more info about your home on this site.

Brochure: A full color, high quality brochure of your home will be printed. This brochure contains information regarding your homes features, upgrades, improvements and amenities along with community information. If there is additional information that you would like to be featured in this brochure, please be sure to share that with us. We initially print 20 copies please notify us should you need more brochures.

Videos/Virtual Tours: The First Weber Video/Virtual Tour will be available within 48 hours of listing. A professional narrator will record a voiceover to accompany the First Weber virtual tour/video on the Tuesday or Thursday following. A YouTube video (if applicable) will take 7-10 days for processing. Our videos & Virtual Tours are often used as property promotional options giving buyers a glimpse inside your home and are linked on our web site and other sites to give 24-hour exposure to your home.

Custom Website: A custom website (URL) is ordered for your home. This will be available within 48 hours of listing and a custom sign rider will be delivered within 2 weeks.

Agent Showings: Showings help us sell your home! All showings are scheduled through us and we confirm all showing requests with you. Agent showings are scheduled for approx. 1 hour. Agents do their best to stay within the scheduled time frames but sometimes they may run behind schedule. We thank you in advance for your patience. Please make every effort to ensure your home is show ready and available to show at reasonable times. If possible, turn on all the lights – agents appreciate a well-lit house. (Sometimes agents will forget to lock a door, turn off lights or remove shoes. We make every effort to remind them. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience). A lock box will be placed on your door to make your home more accessible. This box will remain on the home until after closing to accommodate inspections, appraisals & the final walk through. Please let us know other parties that may have access to the property.

Feedback Information: Surveys are sent to the showing agent for Feedback. We hope to receive these surveys in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours of the showing). We make every effort to get a report from the showing agent; we will resend the survey and leave a voicemail asking for comments. We will forward these reports as soon as we receive them and call you each Monday to review the feedback. In the event that you cannot be reached, a message will be left on your voice mail or E-mail.

Agent Tour/Broker Open: We will invite the agents from our office to tour your home on a pre-determined Tuesday morning (typically within 2-4 weeks of listing). This is an important tool as it provides multiple professional opinions concerning your home.

Month End Reporting: During the marketing process of your property, we will provide you with a month end report from MLS and First Weber with essential information and an accurate accounting of all activities which include: promotional activities, number of showings, feedback comments and website views. This information is beneficial to see how many people are viewing your home and how buyers are reacting to price, condition and location.

Market Watch: We will set up a search in MLS that will alert you when a new listing, price change or accepted offer pops up in your listing area. We want to keep track of the competition.

Response Tracking, Active Prospect: We keep record of agents working with interested buyers and follow up weekly to see if we can encourage offers

Advertising/Marketing – Your home will be advertised a minimum of 2 times during a listing period. our proven media of choice is Homes and Land.

Smart Signs & PIN – The First Weber sign will be installed within 2 business days of the listing date.   Phone numbers of callers are captured from the 24 hour pin line, and we reply with text messages to convert the call to a showing if possible.

Utilities – On vacant properties or before closing on your current property, utilities must be available and in working order. Agents, prospective buyers, home inspectors, and walk-through’s must be conducted with utilities in working order.

Price Changes – Every 30 days we review market activity (number of showings, buyer comments, comps). If market activity reflects the need to adjust the listing price of your home, we will meet to discuss. A new marketing price will refresh your listing and capture a new set of Buyers.

 Offers – We prefer to present offers in our office whenever possible. We do offer E-sign and Faxing as a convenience to you. Using E-sign allows us to create all follow up documents from the convenience of your home. All accepted offers must be posted in the Multiple Listing Service within 48 hours of acceptance as mandated by the MLS.

Inspections – If the property is under contract and an inspection is required. The Buyer pays for this service and the inspector, agent for the Buyer and Buyer’s will be present during that time.  An inspection usually takes between 2.5 to 3 hours

Concierge Services – Any services that are recommended by us are done only on an informational basis, and are offered strictly as a convenience.   We cannot accept responsibility thereafter; we are always interested in your feedback and comments.

Public Open Houses – With most buyers searching for homes online, open houses are not as effective as they once were. We are much more comfortable knowing the motivation and purchase power of a prospective buyer prior to exposing your home to the public. If you are still in favor of public access, we will discuss those options at that time.

Closing Services – As an additional service, we are pleased to deliver information to your attorney or Title Company. However, we are not responsible for these items. We are here to provide the finest service available. Please let us share your ideas, if we can be of further service! Thank you!!!

We partnered because we work well together and have many individual strengths that complement each other. Michaela will manage your listing from sign up to accepted offer. Yvonne will manage your listing from accepted offer to closing. You can feel free to contact either of us at any point in the process.